From its inception, Beaverdale Memorial Park has striven to meet the needs of the community. As a non-sectarian cemetery we serve families of all faiths and beliefs. We recognize the changing attitudes and needs of individuals and families. We are proud to offer a wide range of burial options that match the financial resources and personal preferences of all families. These include: traditional burial, entombment (above-ground burial) and the memorialization of cremated remains. We are also able to offer assistance to families in the selection of appropriate memorials to celebrate their loved one’s life.

Traditional Burial

Beaverdale Memorial Park offers a wide selection of grave space. A family may choose burial rights in the Bronze Sections where the appropriate tribute is a flush bronze memorial and where any number of spaces can be selected together. We also have available traditional lots where the memorial is an upright granite monument. These are available in multiples of two or more burial spaces. A flush memorial may also be placed on each of these monument section graves.


Beaverdale offers many choices for cremated remains. Families may select one of our niches located in the mausoleum or columbarium, or they may choose traditional earth burial of the remains in either a standard grave or in our urn garden. No matter the choice, we can assist in the selection of a proper memorial.


Above-ground Burial— The Mausoleum at Beaverdale is the first and only community mausoleum in a non-sectarian cemetery serving the greater New Haven community. Families have a wide selection of crypts (entombment spaces) to choose from creating diverse pricing options. An inscription is engraved into the granite crypt front as a memorial.


We are excited to announce the completion of our Columbarium project. We have added six free standing columbarium units consisting of 288 niches that will accommodate 576 urns. Each niche measures 12″ by 12″ by 13″ deep accepting 2 urns. Entombments will be memorialized through custom inscriptions, designed by each family and engraved into the granite fronts.

Urn Garden

As part of the landscaping at the entrance to the mausoleum, the Urn Garden offers a peaceful, dignified option for remembering a loved one who has been cremated. Two urns may be interred in each grave and a customized flush bronze memorial is placed celebrating their lives.