We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to memorialize the memory of your loved one through a memorial page at this website. Family members, friends and others will be able to visit and remember from afar, leaving touching comments and memories. Simply follow these simple instructions

  • Search by first and last name
  • Under the name select Memories and More
  • From that page you can choose to submit the obituary, memory comments, life history and even military information.
  • Photos can also be uploaded to make this an even more meaningful memorial

When people visit this site they can search for family members and friends and learn more about who they were and how they touched and enriched this world. There is even a link that will locate their burial site on a Google map listing the latitude and longitude making it easier for actual visits to the cemetery.

As an example please search Alfred Carlton Gilbert, Sr. (A.C. Gilbert) and view his memorial page.