What is your policy on grave decorations?2019-03-11T20:10:55-04:00

We always allow fresh cut flowers placed in a temporary cemetery vase. During winter months (December, January, February and March) we allow artificial bouquets placed in a temporary cemetery vase. We also allow a winter grave pillow or wreath to be placed on graves from Thanksgiving through January. Please refer to our Rules and Regulations for specifics.

Do you have written policies that govern the cemetery?2019-03-11T20:09:26-04:00

Yes. The Rules and RegulationsRules & Regulations are available upon request at the office or here at our website.

What are your hours for visitation?2019-03-11T20:10:11-04:00

The cemetery is open from dawn to dusk 7 days per week, 365 days a year.
The Mausoleum is open from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm 7 days per week.

What are your office hours?2019-03-11T20:06:49-04:00

9:00 am to 4:30 pm Weekdays
9:00 am to noon on Saturdays

Burial & Cremation

Can I pre-pay the cost of the grave or crypt opening?2019-03-11T20:13:25-04:00

Unfortunately, state law does not allow for a cemetery to accept pre-payment of services. You should discuss this with your funeral director when making pre-arrangements.

Is a burial vault required?2019-03-11T20:12:53-04:00

Beaverdale requires a burial vault for all casket burials so as to reduce settlement of the ground. These burial vaults are generally supplied through the funeral director.

What kind of cremation urn is required?2019-03-11T20:12:25-04:00

Beaverdale requires a non-biodegradable urn or container for cremations that are interred. Many families will also choose to utilize an urn vault to protect the urn. These may be purchased through Beaverdale or your funeral director. For entombment in a cremation niche there is no special requirement.

Can a cremation urn be buried with an existing burial?2019-03-11T20:12:02-04:00

Generally we allow one casket burial and one cremation urn or two cremation urns to be interred in one grave.

Do you have spaces for above ground cremation burial?2019-03-11T20:12:06-04:00

Yes, Beaverdale has a selection of cremation niches. The urn is entombed within the niche and an engraving into the granite front is made as the memorial. These niches are available at The Mausoleum, both inside the chapel and outside the building.

Memorials & Monuments

Can I purchase a memorial through an outside source?2019-03-11T20:15:24-04:00

Yes, but it is best that you check with our office to be certain that the memorial meets our specific criteria and will be allowed to be installed on the grave.

Can an upright monument be installed on any grave?2019-03-11T20:15:12-04:00

Upright monuments are only allowed on lots so designated and where the right and privilege to have a monument has been purchased. These are always multiple grave (at least two graves) lots and are located in specific sections of Beaverdale. Please feel free to contact our office to verify your options.

Who installs these memorials?2019-03-11T20:14:59-04:00

Beaverdale always installs flush memorials and pours the concrete foundations for upright monuments. This is to ensure proper placement and quality of work. The company where you purchased your monument is responsible for the installation of the monument itself.

Do you sell these memorials?2019-03-11T20:14:47-04:00

We offer flush bronze memorials for installation in Beaverdale sections designated for bronze. We can also assist you in selecting flush granite memorials and monuments where so designated.

How many memorials can be placed on each grave?2019-03-11T20:14:32-04:00

We allow up to two 24″ x 12″ flush memorials to be placed on each grave.

Can a memorial be placed on a family lot for a person who is not interred in Beaverdale?2019-03-11T20:14:21-04:00

Yes. There will be a small additional fee to record genealogical data in our permanent records. This will make it possible for future generations to research family histories.

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