Beaverdale Memorial Park


This short list is for informational purposes only. All prices include Connecticut sales tax where applicable and are complete. Please contact our office to confirm these prices. A detailed price sheet is always available upon request.

Grave Space

Single Memorial Graves — $1,325 each

Monument Lots
Monument not included. Larger monument lots may be available.
Two Graves — $3,975
Four Graves — $6,625


Regular Interment
Includes tent and chairs.
Weekday — $1,175
Saturday morning — $1,375

Cremated Urn
Includes chairs only.
Weekday — $525
Saturday morning — $675

Bronze Memorials

Many styles available. Sales tax included. Contact office for details.
Installed on a concrete base — from $1,250 and up
Installed on a granite base — from $1,520 and up

Mausoleum Space

Please contact office for details.
Crypt prices range from $2,200 to $5,000 per casket space
Niche space ranges from $600 to $850 per urn space


Weekday — $1,175
Saturday morning — $1,375

Weekday — $525
Saturday morning — $675

Inscriptions — Crypts and Niches

First four characters (letters and numerals) — $159.53
Each additional character — $8.51
Emblems — $42.54 and up


Crypt (includes sales tax) — $425.40
Niche (includes sales tax) — $212.70